About our
Security Review

During our security review, we test your existing security concepts and system settings for suitability, functionality and relevance. Further more to identified security-related issues, determine the level of risk associated and make informed decisions about risk mitigation or acceptance.
A security review should be completed for every change that may affect security and can also be performed for existing services if you determine one is needed, typically in response to security concerns or new security-related requirements.

Why a Security Review?
Get answers for following Questions


Are your cyber security measures still up-to-date? In our review we take a deep look to all that points, to give you a independent feedback.

Secure & Functional?

Is your system secure and functional to satisfy high standards? It's a main goal to find that out in our review and report it to you.

Current Risk Analysis?

It will give you a more realistic understanding of your organization's risk factors and provide expert assistance in identifying and resolving any detected security issues.


Are your security measures from 1995? Or does your security measures looks like they would satisfy high standards, but still use technologies from 1995? Or do you really have an up-to-date and secured company, which also provide the security your customers deserve? Find it out now with a Security Review from us.

Steps of a Security Review!

  • 1. Meeting & Conversations
  • 2. Execution
  • 3. Documentation
  • 4. Results Presentation

First of all, we'll get to know you and your company better in a personal meeting, so that we can talk about what you already have done for your cyber security and what you expect from the review. Also possible concerns, and in particular the relevance and need for such a revision, can be discussed in detail.

In the process of execution, we will take a very deep look into all of your security concerned systems and measures. If you wish we can also talk with your IT and your current Cyber Defense provider.

We note and document everyhing what we found during our review and write it into a report in a clear and understandable way, we also provide a risk analysis in this step. The final report is provided to you and your IT before presentation.

As last step, we have another meeting with you to present the results, point out our improvement suggestions and then discuss with you. A re-examination can follow on request.


  • Do you review security concepts developed by other IT Security companies?

Yes! Colombo Technology is an independent company so we do also independent reviews for each security concept created by other companies.