About our
Pentesting Service

IT security incidents represent a real risk to your company.
Nearly 80% of all companies have critical vulnerabilities.
Our penetration test is designed to answer the question:
“What is the real-world effectiveness of my existing security controls against an active, human, skilled attacker?”
In almost every area where complex systems are used or developed, testing is a natural part of the development cycle. No car enters the road without a crash test, no buildings are constructed without checking the building material for its suitability. However, business-critical IT systems and software are often introduced without any security tests.
The team of Colombo Technology attack your system like a real attacker to find the threads for your business.

Why a Pentest?

Minimize successful Attacks

We simulate potential attackers as practical as we can. You will experience a real attack on your systems and see how your employees and security measures react.

Detect possible Vulnerabilities

In a penetration test we find possible ways how attackers could hack your apps, devices, servers and networks and we help you at fixing them.

Get a Risk Analysis

It will give you a more realistic understanding of your organization's risk factors and provide expert assistance in identifying and resolving any detected security issues.


You think your security is geared up for everyhing an attacker has on resources? To put it to the test, you need a realistic scenario that will allow you to effectively measure how good your organization's defense and response capabilities really are when faced with any resources available to the attacker.

Steps of a Pentest!

  • 1. Meeting & Conversations
  • 2. Execution
  • 3. Documentation
  • 4. Results Presentation

First of all, we'll get to know you and your company better in a personal meeting, so that we can create a tailor-made pentest plan for you and also specify the methods of the penetration test to be used. Also possible concerns, and in particular the relevance and need for such a revision, can be discussed in detail.

  • Black Box or White Box
  • Internal External

In the process of execution, we will use various methods of finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them to get access, like a real attacker.

We note and document everyhing what we found during our pentest like any vulnerability and the ways of exploitation and write it into a report in a clear and understandable way, we also provide a risk analysis in this step. The final report is provided to you and your IT before presentation.

As last step, we have another meeting with you to present the results, point out our improvement suggestions and then discuss with you. A re-examination can follow on request.


  • How much does a pentest costs?
  • Could problems occur during a penetration test?

The following are the variables which affect the cost of a penetration test:
Complexity: the size and complexity of your environment and network devices are probably the biggest factors of your penetration test quote. A more complex environment requires more labour to virtually walk through the network and exposed web applications looking for every possible vulnerability.
Onsite: most penetration tests can be done offsite, however; in rare cases that involve very large/complex environments, an onsite visit could be required to adequately test your business security. Onsite visits are also required if you request a physical security or social engineering penetration test.

In short, yes. However, these risks can be mitigated with proper planning and scheduling, which we do in any case.