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We work not just for companies, we also work with and for you. We provide Consulting, Learning Material and offer Events for private persons which are exposed to a few o the same threads like even each type of company. We will not only help you to protect your network, your devices and your online life, We will also show you how you could protect yourself too.

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Our team try to help everywhere, so we also answer all of your questions. If you should have one just write a short email.


We offer Consulting for your private network with training you and your family personally and a little custom cyber security plan for network


Our events are full of interesting live hacking to stories from our normal work days; We try to bring you all closer to how important cyber security is.

Learning Material

We are creating monthly cyber security status reports and have in our download section many informations to download for you.

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If you are already trained in IT security, feel free to talk with us.