Programs and Services
for Companies

We have a specialized program just for companies to offer them exactly what they need. From pentesting until training of employees is everyhing in our portfolio.

100% cyber security can't be reached, but with us you can build so strong lines of defense as possible. You can get in contact with us and get one consulting to find out what you need for free.

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A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system.


We offer Consulting for your whole company with training you and your employees personally and a custom cyber security plan for small and middle large companies.


Our events are full from interesting live hacking until stories from our normal work days; We try to bring you all closer how important cyber security is.

Learning Material

We are creating monthly cyber security status reports and have in our download section many information downloads for you.