What is Pentesting?

In a penetration test, IT systems or networks are subjected to a comprehensive review through targeted attacks designed to detect vulnerability to burglary and tampering attempts. A pentest uses methods and techniques used by real attackers or hackers. A pentest can be used to uncover weaknesses and better assess potential risks. During the complete penetration test a detailed logging of all implemented measures takes place.
Our Pentesting

Device Vulnerabilities

If it's an attached USB Stick or just an email file, your devices are vulnerable to so many attack vectors. With our pen testing service we find and close that vulnerabilities in your devices.

Wireless Vulnerabilities

Ever heard arp poisoning?, it's not hard to reroute your whole internet traffic if you are using wireless connections. Can you detect and prevent it? - Yes. Learn how now at Colombo Technology

Human Vulnerabilities

Social Engineering, the art of exploiting humans. You all know "Humans make mistakes", while our pen testing we try top find your vulnerable employees and prepare them for future attacks from other attackers with than maybe bad purposes.

Web Vulnerabilities

How vulnerable is the world wide web? Everyone can host a webpage, but everyone can host a server which attack you too. We use even that attack sector to hack your network, show you the vulnerabilities and how to close them.