About us

IT Security is not our work it's our passion, and we want to help everyone to be prepared and protected against hacker attacks and cyber threats.

Colombo Technology is a company based in the south of Germany and is committed to IT security because it is a personal concern for us to create a secure cyber space through high standards. We are actively available to all our customers with our reviews and also as consultants. Preventive measures such as our Security Operation Centre are planned and will be available soon. We also try to raise awareness about IT Security Talks and Events. Our vision is to create a better and safer world in which cyber security plays no subordinate role.

"If you spent more money for coffee than for cyber security, you will get hacked."

Choose us as your competent partner for cyber security.

Emergency Responses
Penetration Tests
Security Reviews
IT Security Consultings


Protect you against any threat!

One of our missions is of course to protect everyone against any kind of cyber thread. We achieve that with training everyone out there and offer free learning material.

Fast responses in case of attacks

If someone got hacked each minute is important, so we are trained for fast response to delimit the damage. We try to help remotely but if needed we visit you of course too.

Support each company

It's really important for us to support everyone out there and to build a new digital world with a better IT security. Thats also why we offer free information material.