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We offer anything you need for highly secured business networks.

Cyber Security
on a high level!

Colombo Technology stands for compliance at the highest level.


Together with our experts you can create and realize effective cyber security strategies.


A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system.


We offer Consulting for your whole company with training you and your employees personally and a custom cyber security plan for small and middle large companies.


Our events are full from interesting live hacking until stories from our normal work days; We try to bring you all closer how important cyber security is.

Learning Material

We are creating monthly cyber security status reports and have in our download section many information downloads for you.

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Why us

Customer oriented

Our IT security solutions are designed in close cooperation with the customer. The primary goal is customer-focusedand communicative collaboration to provide high-quality security solutions.


Our range of services is always adapted to your requirements, this is guaranteeing you efficient cyber security on a high level.


We try to do our work conscientious and with passion but also with speed.


We are located all over the world, for first we provide our services in Germany and Europe, but our experts are also in from countries reachable.

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A Few Words
About Us

Colombo Technology started by David Colombo is a highly innovative cyber security company, providing the best security solutions for small and middle large companies & enterprise businesses.
We work with an international network of highly trained security analysts, pentesters and developers in Europe and International.
Further more we also work with many companies which follow the same aim to make a safer world connected to the internet.
Our mission is to defense you, your devices and your whole digital life.
It's part of the Colombo Group.

What we do in our daily job

These elements are vital to every cyber security concept, and with hiring us for doing them you are able to improve the data protection of clients and limit the danger of attacks to you.

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Or Live Hacking?

We also offer live hacking for an audience of 10 up to 1000 people. In a Live Hacking talk we perform attacks against different systems and application, to show you how easy but really dangerous a successful attack is and how you can prevent them.